Our Mission

Transforming Healthcare through Innovative Medicines

Swiss Rockets is dedicated to developing groundbreaking medicines that transform the way cancer, infectious diseases, and auto-immune disorders are treated. We strive to be at the forefront of scientific discovery and clinical excellence, continuously pushing the boundaries of medical knowledge to address unmet medical needs. Through innovation and collaboration, we aim to build a thriving ecosystem that supports cutting-edge technologies and empowers inventors to turn their bold ideas into life-changing therapies. Our ultimate goal is to improve global health outcomes and be a leader in the biotech industry.

Sustainable Business

Swiss Rockets AG is a dynamic and leading Swiss startup incubator and accelerator focused on biotech companies. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs and innovators by providing them with the resources they need to turn their ideas into successful and sustainable businesses.

Swiss Rockets AG

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  • Commercial Activities

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Our Services & Activities


In collaboration with cantonal and federal governments, Swiss Rockets incubator services include state-of-the-art laboratory space, modern office space, and manufacturing facilities for biotech startups. Our laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and facilities to support startups in conducting innovative research and development. Our office space is designed to foster a comfortable and collaborative environment for startups, with modern amenities and facilities. Our manufacturing space is equipped with advanced technology and equipment to help startups manufacture their products.



We offer accelerator services to help biotech startups accelerate their growth and achieve their goals. Our accelerator program is designed to provide financial resources, mentorship, and guidance on business and management topics to support fundraising, strategic planning, financial management, and marketing. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to helping startups succeed and achieve their full potential.



Swiss Rockets provides biotech startups with all the management services they need to thrive. Our team of experts has extensive experience in drug discovery, drug development, manufacturing, regulatory support, clinical operations support, intellectual property support, legal support, IT support, market access, IPO, business development and partnering with big pharma. We collaborate closely with startups to develop and implement a comprehensive management strategy that takes into account the unique needs of their business.



Swiss Rockets has also expanded into commercial activities, leveraging our expertise and network in the biotech industry to establish partnerships in the medical devices and equipment, pharmacy, oncology generic drugs, and food supplement businesses.

Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Business

We have partnered with leading medical device and medical equipment manufacturers, enabling us to offer high-quality products to hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing customers with the highest level of service and support, ensuring that they have the products and resources they need to provide excellent patient care.

Pharmacy Business

Our pharmacy business offers a range of pharmaceutical products to healthcare facilities and retail pharmacies. Our team of experts is committed to providing customers with the latest and most effective pharmaceutical products, backed by our dedication to quality and customer service.

Oncology Generic Drugs Business

Our oncology generic drugs business leverages our biotech industry expertise to provide high-quality, cost-effective oncology drugs to patients. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that our customers have access to the latest and most effective oncology drugs.

Food Supplement Business

Swiss Rockets has established a food supplement business, providing high-quality, scientifically formulated dietary supplements to consumers. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure that our dietary supplements are based on the latest research and industry standards, and our team is committed to providing customers with the highest level of service and support.

Entrepreneurial Investors

At Swiss Rockets, we are committed to supporting biotech startups through a unique and novel business model. By leveraging our commercial activities and reinvesting profits into the research and development of our biotech startups, we have become an entrepreneurial investor. Our commitment to supporting the growth and development of biotech startups through resources, expertise, and financial support sets us apart from other incubators and accelerators.



Dr. Vladimir Cmiljanovic

Dr. Vladimir Cmiljanovic is a renowned serial biotech entrepreneur, cancer scientist, and medicinal chemist with over 15 years of experience in oncology drug development.

Dr. Natasa Cmiljanovic

Dr. Natasa Cmiljanovic is a dynamic and accomplished professional, serving as the Chief Operating Officer and Founder of Swiss Rockets. With over a decade of invaluable experience in oncology drug development, Natasa's background as a medicinal chemist and clinical scientist makes her a driving force in the field.

Dr. Thomas Sander

Dr. Thomas Sander, Scientific Advisor and Co-Founder, is an expert in cheminformatics and the Head of Scientific Computing at Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd in Allschwil, Switzerland. After finishing his PhD thesis in organic chemistry, Thomas joined a team at Roche in Basel in 1993 to develop software for drug discovery.

Manuel Ebner

Manuel Ebner is an expert in corporate finance, business strategy, corporate development, management consulting, and financial services. He graduated in engineering and economics from Stanford University and completed his MBA (Arjay Miller Scholar) at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Dr. Thomas Staehelin

Dr. Thomas Staehelin, Co-Founder, holds a Ph.D. in law and has been a partner in the law firm Fromer Attorney and Notary Offices in Basel since 1981. His areas of expertise include international briefs, corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, tax law, contract, and commercial law, banking, and the stock market and securities law.